ARIAM Demonstrator Program Working Lunch

WHEN 27 March, 2024 [AEST]

The ARIAM team of academic researchers and industry partners gathered last week at the MV Cape Don to plan the ARIAM Research Hub Demonstrator Program. Leveraging the vessel as a platform, the program will showcase the robotic capabilities developed through our research and collaboration with our partners, in real-world conditions. Set to run in years 3 to 5 of the Hub, we are looking forward to the exciting challenges and learning opportunities that this program will bring to our team.

Thanks to the Genia McCaffery Centre, North Sydney Council, for hosting our workshop. As well as to all of our partners who participated and provided their expert input. Thales, Advanced Navigation, Abyss Solutions Ltd, Reach Robotics, Visionary Machines We also extend our thanks to CJ Manjarres-Wahlberg and the Sea Heritage Foundation for affording us the opportunity to use the MV Cape Don.

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